Monday, September 22, 2008

Furniture & Curtains for Valencia House

In collaboration with an ID company, I produced some furniture design and commissioned curtains for this project. The carpenter is someone who I've had a long-standing relationship with. It's always great satisfaction to see your designs realized from paper to form, even more so when the client is happy with your product.

Decorative Items

As part of my services, I provide custom soft furnishing and upholstery for commercial projects, in particular sales showroom. Below are some sample of the varied items that I've done as accessories to showroom interiors.

Home Interiors

A proposal I did for a client staying at Bandar Utama. I like modern design, but I tend to design something a bit warmer and contemporary for clients. I try to the keep the lines simple, and then use textures and colours to create warmth and make thing homelier.

Retail Design

I do a bit of freelance consultation for interior designs when the opportunity comes by. Below are some visuals of a proposal for the showroom of a reputable health product brand (hint: it's at Derby Park ;). I try to incorporate some of my recurring art motifs into the design, as sort of a personal signature on the styling.

Furniture Design: Me at MIDI 2006

With my background in Architecture and ID I have an inclination towards furniture design. I've done the odd ID commission, most recently for a client in Mont Kiara. in 2006, I participated in this event and actually received a special mention for my design. Here are some pictures of me with some of the speakers.

Soft Furnishing

The main bulk of my work has actually been curtains and soft furnishing. They're simple items but provide great effect by bringing out details and textures and give designs that personal touch. They're in fact the most intimate/personal objects in a designed space.

Graphics & Prints

In lieu of artwork, some of my commissions utilize existing or even new, specially-made graphics. I've done prints for wall-hangings, screens, even as pattern for a glass partition. I've also used them for special items like lamp shades and even event specific clothing wear.

Carpet Art

Below are pictures of custom carpets commissioned by a client in Bangsar. His house is so modern; I love it! The colour mixture itself is quite simple; 3-4 colour per piece, but look at the floor coverage! I want a big house too ;)


I've had the opportunity to collaborate with some of KL's best designers and prestigious projects, providing them with artwork, decorative items and customized soft furnishing. Here are some samples.


When I started out on my own, one of the 1st things I focused on was artwork, actually. Since then, I've done various pieces ranging from commercial projects to private commissions, here are some samples. Hope you like!