Friday, July 31, 2009

Apartment Interior at Ampang

This is a design and build project for an apartment in Ampang. The client is based overseas so a lot of decisions were made within limited time with the client giving a lot of leeway in what we thought was best. Fortunately the client had very much similar taste; one of the designs we did that was least compromised from design stage through implementation.

Overall view of living room and dining.

Close up of wall panel where family photos will be hung.

Built-in desk with concealed stool.

Close up of living room curtains, with material matching wall light fabric.

Boy's room with custom wallpaper.

Boy's room console with custom wallpaper and matching wardrobe.

Overall view of boy's room showing roman blinds with colours coordinated with overall room colour scheme.

Girls' room with coordinated colours, similar design to boy's room.

Master bedroom curtains and lace sheer.

Breakfast counter at dry kitchen.